We are often taught how to behave by example. Kinda like “monkey see monkey do.” A product of this saying is my nephew MJ throwing almost every grape he can get his hands on up in the air. As everyone in my family occasionally finds at least a couple grapes on the floor throughout our house, my name angrily springs into their thoughts.
I have a pretty bad habit of playing with my food at home. So, any snack that is small and preferably circular, I will throw it up in the air and ATTEMPT to catch it in my mouth. I’ve gotten pretty good at it from my years of practice. And well MJ, being 19 months old, who will copy every little thing you do, picked up this habit from me; however, the only thing he throws are his grapes. He won’t even throw his Cheerios like I do. Just grapes. He manages to get some grapes in his mouth by mimicking the motion of throwing it up in the air, but instead of releasing the grape into the air, he’ll bring it to his mouth. You can’t help but laugh when watching him do this. Actually, you can’t help but laugh when watching him do anything. I love this kid