Manana is what MJ calls me. He can’t pronounce Malia. He can’t properly say any words with L’s in it actually. When i was little i remember I could never say yellow. I would say “lello.” My youngest aunt always made my little five year old self feel like the funniest person in the world. In my grandma’s living room she’d see me and say, “Malia say yellow!” More times than I can remember. I always replied with “lello!” and so happy to make people laugh. Little kids always like making people laugh. MJ LOVES making people laugh. If he does something silly and catches you merely smirking, he’ll keep doing it until you’re laughing so hard that you have tears coming down your cheeks and your stomach hurts. There’s this video of MJ dancing silly wth my mom dying in the background. I was dying too but had to keep some composure to catch the moment on video. Having the ability to make people genuinely laugh is such an amazing quality to have. I believe humor is very important, especially wit. I love wit. When MJ is older I hope he is very witty. And if not, I will throw so much sarcasm at him that he will be forced to communicate back in the same way. I once saw this ecard about sarcasm and it being a second language. I screenshotted it because it was so relatable. Ecards wer made to be relatable. I used to have an app on my phome that just fed me ecards whenever I asked. I sometimes with people can feed me whenever I ask. I can be pretty lazy. I sleep quite a lot. It’s understandable because of my busy schedule. I think. My mom says my sleeping habits are unhealthy, but I can get sleep when I’m older. When I was younger in bed, I used to have such a hard time falling asleep. So as a little game in bed I would start by thinking about one thing, then another, then another, and all those thoughts linked somehow. For example Id think of my mom, then Id think about watcher bit into her slice of Hawaiian pizza at dinner, then I’d think of the pineapples on the pizza, then I’d think about the gross core on pineapples, then I’d think about how some people have gross cores. At some point I’d stop. Then taking my last thought, I would trace it back to my very first thought. So I’d take the gross cores of people to pineapple cores, the pineapples to the pizza, the pizza to dinner and so on and so on. Now i sleep fine. MJ is crying and had woken up from his nap. He just called me. I’m still not used to being called Manana.