I was in trouble. This trouble was my nephew’s unfortunate liquid defecation, or more commonly known as explosive diarrhea. I discovered this misfortune after a good five seconds from stepping through the front door of our home. MJ heard my keys from his room and met me at the door. Does MJ, who i should mention is almost always pantless, have a new design on his diapers? I took a closer look. What’s that smell? It was definitely a new design. A yellowish brown outline decorated the ruffled leg openings on the diaper. Oh. I know.

After closing the door behind me and putting my things down, I asked the one year old, “Where’s Mom?” making sure to get the shrug, confused look on my face, and raising the pitch at the end of the question just right. I let him lead me towards their room.

I then discovered my sister taking a nap. This followed by a series of commands for the 18 month old that he knows too well.

“Diaper please.” He shuffled and handed me a diaper from the diaper box in the corner of the room.

“Wipes?” But I had them near me so I picked them up.

“Come here” 

As I started on the decorated diapers that seemed to start hardening, indicating an uncomfortable length of time it had been decorated, I thought of my consequences. You will get some stuff on your hands Malia, some dry and some wet. MJ will not enjoy having his diaper changed and will cry Malia. You will have difficulty with the solidifying contents of the diaper.

We will skip the details of the clean up to the end result, clean.

So now I think this kind of trouble is best fixed if dealt with as soon as possible.